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OWNERSHIP Calzados Boreal, S.L., hereinafter referred to as Boreal, is the owner of In compliance with the obligation of identification required by article 10 of the Spanish law 34/2002 of the 11th July of Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services, the following identity information is shown:  The owner of this website is Calzados Boreal, S.L. with the CIF B-03091527, located in Pol. Altos de la Condomina, 15, 03400 Villena - Alicante, Spain. The company is registered in the trade register of Alicante, in volume 548, book 199, section 2ª, Folio 169, page 4742. To send notifications, they will have to be directed to the following e-mail address:

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE  These general conditions regulate the use of the Boreal website. The site is accessed via the main address, as well as via all the addresses that allow the user to access the sections and pages belonging to the website directly.

PURPOSE OF THE SITE The site’s purpose is to provide commercial information about products and services of the company Boreal.

USERS Access and use of the Boreal website implies the user’s full knowledge and acceptance of these general conditions which may be altered at any time by Boreal. Therefore, all users will be responsible for reading the up-to-date general conditions every time they access the site. If a user does not agree to one or more of the following terms, they must not enter the site, access its contents or use its services. To reiterate, the user accepts the general conditions of the agreement by entering the website.
USE OF THE SITE This website provides access to information, services, programs or data, hereinafter referred to as content. Access to such content and the use of the services on the site are provided by Boreal or by third parties. The user takes full responsibility for the use of the website. The user agrees to use the website, its content and services in a correct and truthful manner, and for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes. 1. Not to use the website to carry out activities that are any of the following: illegal, contrary to basic rights, ethically incorrect, indecent, contrary to the established public order, with illegal or forbidden intentions or consequences, contrary to the rights and interests of third parties (including the association with websites whose contents are obscene, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, support terrorism or go against human rights). Boreal refuses any responsibility for anything that derives from the aforementioned list. 2. It is forbidden for the user to authorize third parties to partially or totally use the website, or to include the content and services from the site as their own business activity. 3. The unauthorized exploitation of the content and services of the website is forbidden. It is not permitted for users to use any of the technical or technological resources of the site for their own direct or indirect benefit, or for financial gain. 4. The user guarantees to refrain from using the content and services of the website in any way that may damage, disable, overload or be detrimental to the site, or which may prevent other users from using it in a normal way. 5. The user agrees not to cause damage to the website, nor to the computer systems of its suppliers or third parties 6. The user agrees not to use the content or data for advertising purposes.

PRODUCTS This website only shows models from the Boreal collections. Not all models are included on the site. Not all the products displayed on this website are or will be available in all of its clients’ or distributors’ stores. The style, design and colour of the products shown on the website may be modified without prior notice.

MODIFICATIONS Boreal reserves the right to carry out, without prior notice, any modifications it considers appropriate on its website. Boreal may change, delete or add to the content and services offered on the website. It may also alter the way they are shown and where they are located. These general conditions of use will be valid until new ones are published.

DENIAL OF ACCESS Boreal reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its websites and services from users who fail to comply with the general conditions of use. Boreal may do so without any prior notice at its own request or that of a third party.

GENERAL RELEASE Boreal will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages that may arise from the following: errors or omissions in content, the lack of availability of the website, or the transmission of viruses or malicious or injurious software in spite of having adopted all the technological measures necessary to avoid them. Forums and debates: Boreal is not liable for the comments and opinions that may be expressed in the different forums, reports or newsletters that are included on this website. However, Boreal will at all times attempt ensure the proper use of these services, and that maximum respect to people’s dignity and freedom of speech is maintained, the latter being protected by the Spanish Constitution. Boreal reserves the right to deny or delete illegal comments or comments it considers inappropriate without the need for justification or explanation as soon as it learns of their existence. Users of these services must avoid using any false, abusive, obscene or threatening statements, or any statements that are illegal under the current legislation. Users will show respect towards third parties whether or not they take part in the forums and debates. Information: Both the information belonging to Boreal and to third parties appearing on this website are published as they are, without any type of guarantee as to their accuracy. Boreal is not liable for the possible damages that the use of this information may cause. Boreal commits itself to do its best to avoid publishing unlawful content on its site, and in the case that it is aware that such content exists, it shall remove or prevent access to it. However, Boreal cannot guarantee the lawfulness of the content provided based on information given by suppliers, partners or users. Mistakes: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the documents published may include technical inconsistencies or involuntary typographic mistakes, for which Boreal is not liable. However, the owner of the website does apologize for these mistakes and promises to correct them as quickly as possible. Minors: Boreal is not liable for the possible damages to minors caused by the use of its services. Parents and legal guardians will be considered responsible for all acts carried out by their dependant minors. Privacy: Boreal does not guarantee absolute privacy of the use of its site. Therefore, there remains the possibility that unauthorized third parties have knowledge of the details of its use. Technical malfunctions: Boreal is free from any liability that arises from the malfunction of the site or of any of its services due to accidental circumstances. These circumstances include the lack of availability of the site, force majeure, necessary maintenance work and related causes.

INDUSTRIAL AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY This website, its content, designs, brands, and services are the property or are under the control of Boreal. They are protected without limitation by the industrial and intellectual property laws of Spain, and by the applicable international treaties. Calzados Boreal, S.L.. is the sole owner or guarantor of all the industrial and intellectual property rights are relevant to this site. Likewise, Boreal reserves all the rights of the content, services or elements included in the site. In accordance with the requirements of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law, the following are forbidden: the reproduction, distribution and public communication of any or part of the content on this site for commercial or advertising purposes, in any technical format, without the express authorization of Boreal. The user promises to respect the industrial and intellectual rights of Boreal.

COMPLETION AND MODIFICATION OF THE SITE Even though the duration of this site is indefinite, Boreal reserves the right to modify, suspend or consider the provision of its services and content as closed, fully or in part, at any time, and without prior notice to its users. In the same way, the information, the presentation and the services offered by the site may be modified by Boreal periodically or at specific times without Boreal having to inform its users.