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Zenith is a unique high performance climbing rubber compound developed by Boreal. This compound provides outstanding friction and excellent hold on small edges.

Zenith rubber is a high performance rubber developed by Boreal. Zenith is designed for no-compromise performance, and features incredible friction properties combined with an ability to hold micro edges. This ultimate compound is featured on our highest performance rock shoe models. 


V2 Rand

The V2 Rand provides a 2-band tensioning system, ensuring a great fit for the heel and arch of the foot.

In most rock boots, the heel is tensioned with a basic single band of rubber, which simply pulls and compresses the heel cup. With the V2 Rand, Boreal have used 2 bands to tension a much larger area. By providing tension further towards the front, the shoe is pulled into the arch of the foot and the heel is more securely held. This eliminates any dead space, creating a precise and comfortable fit.

Ref. 11557 CRUX LACE
Crux Lace

Crux Lace is a stunning technical all-rounder for those who want high level performance with more versatility than extremely down-turned shoes can achieve.

Product Info
  • UPPERS Microfiber upper with recycled mesh tongue. Lace closure for a precise yet comfortable fit. Outstanding support and heel fit thanks to the Wrap Rand. The torsion band over the front of the foot prevents stretch and improves toe hooking 

  • LINING Yes

    CONSTRUCTION Slip-Lasted
  • MIDSOLE Special anti-deformation recycled midsole

  • SOLE Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH Pro 2.0 outsole. 4-4.5 mm thickness depending on size. Middle part of the outsole with recycled rubber

  • CHARACTERISTICS Moderately downturned and asymmetric with a medium last. Wrap rand and torsion band provide excellent support to optimise toe strength. Ultra precise fit thanks to the secure lace closure. Superb heel fit and rubber toe covering for heel and toe hooks

  • USAGE An ideal technical all-round shoe

    WEIGHT 518 gr. pair. Size 71⁄2 U.K.


  • Crux features a moderately downturned and asymmetric last shape, placing the foot into a powerful position to optimise small edges. The supple one-piece heel cup and wrap-rand provides unparalleled heel security when pulling hard.

    The upper is a vegan friendly synthetic microfibre with recycled mesh tongue. The lace closure features widely spaced lace loops, allowing easy entry and secure fit even for low volume feet.  

  • Underneath, Crux features the new Zenith Pro 2.0 rubber for incredible edging performance and friction. The middle of the sole includes our recycled Eco rubber. 

    The world of high-performance shoes can be confusing, each model focusing on a narrow aspect of climbing. Crux Lace offers a refreshing change. Equally at home whether bouldering, sport climbing or trad climbing, Crux Lace is the one shoe for all occasions.