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Zenith is a unique high performance climbing rubber compound developed by Boreal. This compound provides outstanding friction and excellent hold on small edges.

Zenith rubber is a high performance rubber developed by Boreal. Zenith is designed for no-compromise performance, and features incredible friction properties combined with an ability to hold micro edges. This ultimate compound is featured on our highest performance rock shoe models. 


Integrated Rand System

The IRS system goes a step further in the manufacturing of climbing shoes. This one piece climbing sole never deforms and has a superior fit.
We can achieve different thicknesses in the rubber and the one-piece construction increases durability. 

The innovative one-piece sole and rand construction of the Integrated Rand System (IRS) allows Boreal to finely tune the rubber thickness around the shoe for the optimum balance of fit, performance and durability. By combining the rand and sole unit into one piece, there is zero chance of delaminating.

Cushioned Heel System

In order to improve comfort when stepping off the rock or walking between routes, Boreal developed the Cushioned Heel System (CHS). Using shock absorbing EVA under the heel, the foot is cushioned from rocky and hard ground.

When climbing all day, normal rock boots become tiring very quickly as the thin, sensitive nature of their construction does little to protect the foot. With the Boreal Cushioned Heel System (CHS) an EVA shock absorbing insert under the heel cushions and protects the foot with no loss of climbing performance. This means that walking between routes and stepping off the rock onto hard, uneven surfaces can be achieved in comfort.

  • 11216 BETA WMNS
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Ref. 11216 BETA WMNS
Beta Wmns

Beta reflects the changing requirements of newer climbers who predominantly climb on indoor walls. Offering superb breathability and comfort alongside higher performance features usually found on more technical models.
Beta is ideal as a first pair or as a comfortable and inexpensive training pair for more advanced climbers.

Product Info
  • UPPERS Synthetic knitted textile material for optimal breathability. Quick and easy double strap closure system


    CONSTRUCTION Slip-Lasted

  • MIDSOLE Special anti deformation midsole
  • SOLE BOREAL® Zenith Quattro™ outsole. 4-4.5mm thickness depending on size

  • CHARACTERISTICS Light and breathable model suitable for long climbing sessions. Ideal for newer climbers, or worn tight can be an excellent option for more advanced climbers on vertical or slabby terrain, or when training

  • USAGE For beginners, training and multipitch climbing.

    WEIGHT: 420 gr. pair. Size 4 U.K.


  • Beta features a comfortable symmetric and mildly downturned last shape with a medium tension low volume heel. This helps introduce a more technical fit, and allows more advanced techniques using the heel to be used. The upper is constructed from a highly breathable knitted synthetic textile, providing low stretch and great next–to-skin feel. 
  • A medium stiffness midsole paired with the sticky and durable Zenith Quattro™ rubber provides the ideal blend of edging support and long-lasting friction.
    Beta is a highly versatile shoe which could be sized for comfort on multi-pitch or all day climbing, or sized tightly for higher performance and training.

BETA | A modern classic
Boreal Outdoor
The Beta has been designed to reflect the changing requirements and increased demands of very comfortable shoes. Beta needed to not only to offer the comfort and durability we are famous for, but also to provide a more technical, higher performance shape. With a mildly downturned last shape, close fitting heel, and breathable textile upper, Beta has become a modern classic. Your best partner for the gym and outdoors.