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Dry-Line® is much more than a waterproof membrane, it is a unique lining system developed by Boreal with superior performance and reliability. Dry-Line® is exclusive to Boreal.

Dry-Line® is much more than a waterproof membrane, it is a unique lining system developed by Boreal with superior performance and reliability. Dry-Line® is exclusive to Boreal.


Dry-Line® combines the waterproof laminate Sympatex 337 professional (a Sympatex® membrane with breathable micro-fibre lining) and a leather or synthetic outer layer. Between the membrane and lining is an air space created by a monofilament pile layer. Moisture vapor inside the boot enters this air space and is ‘pumped’ out of the boot during normal walking action. This vertical chimney like movement of water vapor is a key part of what makes Dry-Line® superior to other membrane systems.

Regular membrane systems can usually only attempt to breathe horizontally through the upper materials of the boot. In most boots this horizontal breathability is severely restricted by layers of leather, synthetic reinforcements, glue and rubber pieces which all combine to greatly impede the transmission of moisture vapor. 

Thanks to the unique structure of Dry-Line® Boreal boots are able to breathe both horizontally and vertically.


The Sympatex® membrane used in Dry-Line® is a polyether/ester copolymer membrane. Unlike microporous membranes this membrane has no pores to clog, so its performance does not deteriorate with use. It is also much more elastic than other membranes making Dry-Line® far less prone to puncture damage, consequently Dry-line® lined boots have much better long-term reliability and durability than those with other lining systems. Sympatex® is halogen and solvent free and is fully recyclable making it the most eco-friendly membrane on the market.

Heel Fit System
The Heel Fit System (HFS) consists of anatomically sculpted pieces of foam padding which hold the heel comfortably and securely in place to avoid unwanted movement.

Trekking boots require a snug fit around the heel area to prevent unwanted movement which can lead to excessive friction and blisters. HFS is a system of anatomically shaped high quality foam padding which helps to comfortably hold the heel securely whilst accommodating different heel shapes.

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Drom Mid

A no-compromise mid-height shoe built for the mountain. Drom packs all the performance features you need and will take you where you want to go.
Perfectly at home walking to your local crag or high in the mountains, Drom is like a 4x4 for your feet.

Product Info
  • UPPERS Premium quality split leather 2mm and waterproof Lycra Intech. Integrated gaiter on the upper. Lateral PU overlay and toecap for added support and protection

  • LINING Sympatex® Moisture Tech for absolute waterproofness + stay cool breathability

  • MIDSOLE Boreal PB-60 with an EVA top surface layer for added underfoot comfort

  • SOLE Vibram Pepe rubber outsole with shock absorbing EVA and PU

  • USAGE Approach + cooler conditions. Protection for rain and snow. Paths, trails and off-road. Travel

  • WEIGHT 1050 gr. pair size 7 U.K.


  • The mid-height upper made from durable premium quality split leather provides more ankle support and protection than a low-cut shoe. The highly adjustable lace closure extends close to the toe for a really secure fit and is lined with the exceptionally breathable Moisture-Tech® waterproof lining from Sympatex®.  A very generous protective rand guards against scuffs and abrasion. Unlike lesser approach shoes the Drom boasts a fully board-lasted construction with a full-length midsole giving it excellent underfoot support on rough terrain. This midsole has a soft EVA top surface layer which greatly enhances underfoot comfort on long hikes.

  • A great mountain approach shoe needs a great outsole and for Drom we chose the Vibram® Pepe rubber outsole which has an aggressive deeply lugged tread pattern for excellent traction on soft and loose surfaces and weight saving cut-outs to shave away any excess weight. Light weight yet rugged, Drom Mid is a perfect footwear choice for mountain approaches, scrambling, Via Ferrata and trail walking.