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Jesse Dufton

Jesse Dufton

Jesse has a genetic defect that has left him blind. Nevertheless, he has found a way to climb and more impressively to lead trad and winter climbs. He competes at the highest level in paraclimbing competitions but it is his outdoor achievements, especially those on the sharp end, which are most impressive and make him unique. All of Jesse’s ascents have been ‘non-sight’ including the adventurous Old Man of Hoy, a massive 140m 6-pitch sandstone pillar. He has no beta on the routes other what his belayer can see from the ground.

Best moments

  • Proposing to Molly at the summit of a first ascent in Greenland
  • Leading the Old Man of Hoy
  • Reaching my first final in a Paraclimbing World Championships


  • Take plenty of food with you, preferably pies, you don’t want to know me when I’m hangry!
  • Have a plan, anticipate the difficulty and solve it before you start
  • Never forget that climbing is about having fun
  • Insult your friends in new and innovative ways
  • Take care of the planet, there is no back up option.

The Old Man of Hoy, Orkney, Scotland

The Sloth, Roaches, UK

Flying Buttress Direct, Stanage, UK

1st ascent of Boughfell and Sue’s Spire, Stauning Alps, Greenland

4th place Paraclimbing World Championships, Briancon, France

2nd place, World Paraclimbing Masters, Imst, Austria