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Satoris Women’s:

“I have been using these shoes for my hardest performances on rock – the precise toe provides power through small edges on steep ground, but they are supple enough to smear effectively on slopey rockovers too. I have quite slender feet with long toes, so I need a shoe that cinches in tightly to support the mid foot, and the closure system on the Satoris works really well for me, allowing me to spread the forces along the length of the foot. The heel feels very secure and is grippy, likewise the rubber across the toe. Despite some fairly heavy use, the shoes have kept their shape, there is still a good edge and the rubber has retained its stickiness. Fantastic shoe, my favourite!!”

Naomi Buys

Naomi Buys opinion

    Naomi Buys 


“Yes I did own an original pair, they were the first climbing shoe I ever had and I’m really glad to be able to have the opportunity to climb again in Ninjas. I’m finding them to be very useful and a superb all round slipper. The toe is supportive yet sensitive, the heel is secure, the rubber on top of the toe is a great asset and they perform well inside and out, on steep and slabby ground. They are really easy to get on and off, which is ideal for bouldering  plus they look super….”

Jordan Buys

Jordan Buys ninja

Jordan Buys Ninja