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We interviewed Nacho Sánchez

Author: Nov 26, 2018. Nacho Sánchez

Today we are fortunate to have the presence of our incredible athlete Nacho Sanchez!

Hi Nacho, before we begin we would like to show our gratitude for taking your time for this interview. We are sure that our fans are excited to know a little more about you.

We interviewed Nacho Sanchez

How did you start climbing? What aspects were decisive in your devotion to it?

From a very young age it caught my attention when I saw it on TV, climbing was something which attracted me a lot. I climbed trees and everything I could think of. A few years later I got to climb up to the mountain, and from the first moment I knew it was my great passion. Being in contact with nature and to face ever more demanding challenges were decisive aspects to dedicate myself to it.

When it comes to a new challenge, do you carry out any kind of pre-training as a preparation? Do you perform any kind of ritual before you start?

Yes, I spend a lot of time training; On one hand I tend to focus on improving my weaknesses to be quite complete, and on the other I usually train towards specific goals: when I have a project of a particular style, I practice similar steps on the climbing wall, and there are fundamental qualities, such as finger strength, which I never cease to train. My main ritual is a long and very progressive warmup to avoid injury. Besides I have some habits such as visualizing and put magnesium on before climbing. But I am not very aware of it.

Which emotions do you feel before and after a challenge?

Before attempting a very hard project, the uncertainty of whether it will be possible or not always kicks in, which is one of the things which attracts me most, and once achieved, after a lot of time and effort, the satisfaction and happiness is indescribable. But very brief, soon after, I'm thinking about the next project to test my limit.

What advice would you give on overcoming a challenge? Is mental strength, physical strength or both more important?

Both are very important, you have to train well, but also enjoy the process to avoid stressing over linking, I think it is important to focus on perfecting the details to make every move in the most efficient way possible and success will come from that.

Have you experienced a difficult situation by taking on a challenge? How did you get over it?

It is always hard when a move doesn’t work out after a while of trying and to not know if it is feasible or not. But the hardest situation is an injury, you have to be patient in recovery, warmup properly and listen to your body to avoid them. Still, I have never stopped climbing or training, you can always do something while you recover carefully.

We interviewed Nacho Sanchez

Could you tell us what your next project will be?

I have several projects which motivate me a lot right now. As soon as it’s not so warm, I want to make a couple of quick boulders which are around 8b + U 8c in the Pedriza (Madrid) and Quirós (Asturias). In Murcia I'm trying a much harder one, I hope to do this winter. The most motivating for me is the hardest, the entry from below is a 8b+ very random which I did last year in Guadalajara, adding three more steps, but one of them I have not yet solved... could be the hardest thing I've tried , but I think it's possible. Outside Spain I also have a lot of projects, my list is very long!

Thank you so much for this enjoyable time. We are sure our followers will have enjoyed the interview as much as we did. see you soon!