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Dani Andrada
Dani Andrada

Dani Andrada

Dani is a prolific climber.  As long as it is free climbing, he likes it all: bouldering, routes, walls, new routing, repeating and working it out. One of his most striking achievements is the world´s most difficult overhanging route, a 200m roof summarized in a 8a +, 8b, 7c +, 7a +, + 8b, 8c, 7c +, 8a +. It is called "Corazón de ensueño" and perfectly demonstrates the strength of body and character needed to climb Dani´s 3700+ routes in the 8th grade, 55 routes in the 9th grade, and to maintain the same enthusiasm every day on the rock.

Best moments

  • Every day is a good moment for me.


  • Travel
  • Eat well
  • Create routes
Chilam Balam | ft. Dani Andrada and Edu Marín
Boreal Outdoor

After a month of trying the hard work of Dani Andrada and Edu Marín finally paid off : In November they were able to send Chilam Balam 9a+/b, a 85 meters long route through a big roof with 235 moves along tufas . The line is considered one of the best lines in the world.

With: Francisco Marín “Novato”, Joe Kinder, Pablo Scorza.

Directed by David Lopez “Campe”