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Wrap Rand

The wrap rand takes the concept of our V2 Rand and develops it further. The rubber surrounds the arch of the foot and supports it in the optimum position for strength and precision.

In most rock boots, the heel is tensioned with a basic single band of rubber, which simply pulls and compresses the heel cup. Boreal have developed a more thorough tensioning system with the Wrap Rand.

A much wider area of the shoe is tensioned, with the strap running all the way under the foot and around the heel. This provides a stable, secure platform for the foot without compromising sensitivity or freedom of movement.

Ref. 11732 SYNERGY
BOREAL Synergy is designed for optimum feel. A highly aggressive last shape is carefully blended with superb sensitivity and supremely sticky BOREAL Zenith Ultra™  rubber to enhance the natural qualities of the foot; a true synergy of design, materials and craftsmanship, enabling you to push your limits on any bloc, both indoor or on rock.
Product Info
  • UPPERS: Microfibre upper. Combined elastic and strap closure. Elasticated tongue integrated in the upper. Minimalistic rubber toecap as protection and for outstanding grip 
  • LINING: Yes 
  • MIDSOLE: No 

    CONSTRUCTION: Slip-Lasted 
  • SOLE: Ultra sticky BOREAL® Zenith Ultra outsole. 4-4.5 mm thickness depending on size 
  • CHARACTERISTICS: The most sensitive shoe in our collection. Single strap for heel security with excellent flexibility. Minimalistic construction allows maximum precision and sensitivity. Combined with a unique one-piece heel cup and wrap rand, this shoe is optimised to perform at the highest level 
  • USAGE: Bouldering, competitions and steeply overhanging rock 


  • Synergy features a highly asymmetric and downturned last to optimally position the foot on steep rock. The lined, synthetic upper with strap closure comfortably holds the foot, and ensures minimal stretch over time.

    The rand and toe patch are constructed from a single piece, and combined with an area of our Friction Skin rubber coating,  provides outstanding friction and sensitivity for toe hooks. 
  • Eliminating the midsole results in a highly sensitive and soft feel, ideal for marginal smears and standing on volumes. Our soft and sticky Zenith Ultra™  rubber compound is optimized for performance on marginal smears.
    Synergy is ideal for competition climbers and boulderers looking for maximum sensitivity and feel.

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