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FS Quattro

FS Quattro is a unique climbing rubber compound developed Boreal. This compound provides excellent abrasion resistance and consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

FS Quattro rubber is a specific formulation developed by Boreal. It was designed to provide consistent high performance over a wide temperature range, and to offer a long life span. This highly versatile rubber is ideal for all-round rock shoes, with a perfect blend of high friction and durability.


Slim Fit Last

The Slim Fit Last (SFL) is a specially developed last shape designed to fit the contours of lower volume, narrower feet.

Climbing shoes are performance products, and rely on a good fit to optimize this performance. Many climbers find that conventional shoes do not provide the fit they need, and for this reason Boreal developed a new last. Featuring a narrower, lower volume shape, the Slim Fit Last (SFL) was specifically designed to provide a secure fit for slimmer footed climbers.

Cushioned Heel System

In order to improve comfort when stepping off the rock or walking between routes, Boreal developed the Cushioned Heel System (CHS). Using shock absorbing EVA under the heel, the foot is cushioned from rocky and hard ground.

When climbing all day, normal rock boots become tiring very quickly as the thin, sensitive nature of their construction does little to protect the foot. With the Boreal Cushioned Heel System (CHS) an EVA shock absorbing insert under the heel cushions and protects the foot with no loss of climbing performance. This means that walking between routes and stepping off the rock onto hard, uneven surfaces can be achieved in comfort.

Silex Lace Wmns
Boreal Silex Lace Wmns is a women’s specific comfortable all-day shoe, and is the ideal companion for longer routes. Silex Lace Wmns has plenty of support to prevent your foot tiring on smaller holds, and the padded lining will keep your foot snug. Our sticky and durable FS Quattro™ rubber ensures long lasting performance. 
Product Info
  • UPPERS: Premium quality Split leather, PU Air Net lining for comfort and ventilation

  • LINING: PU Air Net for ventilation and comfort

    ​WEIGHT: ​490 grs./pair (size 5 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: half length stiff midsole
  • SOLE: Boreal FS-QUATTRO. Thickness. 4 - 4.6 mm depending on size. IRS padded heel

  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-lasted

  • USAGE: Designed for day long use indoors or outdoors. Pefect for long crag days, multi-pitch climbs and extended training sessions


  • The Silex Lace Wmns features a super-comfortable Slim Fit Last™, designed to fit the contours of a lower volume foot. Full length lacing right to the toe allows for further volume tuning, and adds precision. A high-quality split leather upper is combined with the PU Air Net™ padded lining for superior comfort. 

  • The low tension IRS™ (Integrated Rand System) heel is a one-piece heel unit which securely holds the heel without any pressure points. An EVA anti-shock layer under the heel provides extra cushioning. Silex Lace Wmns is a shoe for the long-haul. For full days at the crag, multi pitch climbs or even extended training sessions at the wall, Silex is the ideal choice.