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FS Quattro

FS Quattro is a unique climbing rubber compound developed Boreal. This compound provides excellent abrasion resistance and consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

FS Quattro rubber is a specific formulation developed by Boreal. It was designed to provide consistent high performance over a wide temperature range, and to offer a long life span. This highly versatile rubber is ideal for all-round rock shoes, with a perfect blend of high friction and durability.


Integrated Rand System

The IRS system goes a step further in the manufacturing of climbing shoes. This one piece climbing sole never deforms and has a superior fit.
We can achieve different thicknesses in the rubber and the one-piece construction increases durability. 

The innovative one-piece sole and rand construction of the Integrated Rand System (IRS) allows Boreal to finely tune the rubber thickness around the shoe for the optimum balance of fit, performance and durability. By combining the rand and sole unit into one piece, there is zero chance of delaminating.

Ref. 11650 Q-X

Boreal Q-X utilizes the innovative IRS™ (Integrated Rand System) to produce a superb combination of comfort and durability. The sticky and long-lasting FS-Quattro™ rubber provides outstanding friction, meaning you can concentrate on enjoying the climb.

Product Info
  • UPPERS: High quality split leather with reinforced double strap closure. Integrated padded mesh tongue for comfort

  • LINING: Unlined

    ​WEIGHT: ​420 grs./pair (size 6 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: Half Texon midsole

  • SOLE: IRS (sole, rand and heel in one piece). Boreal FS-QUATTRO rubber

  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-lasted

  • USAGE: Training (indoor-outdoor), sport climbing and classics


  • The innovative IRS™ (Integrated Rand System) injection moulded technology is a one-piece sole, rand and heel unit which delivers an unrivalled combination of fit, support, sensitivity and durability. The upper consists of premium quality unlined split leather with integrated padded mesh tongue for comfort. 

  • A double strap closure is both secure and quick to use. With a medium stiffness midsole and sticky FS Quattro™ rubber you can edge and smear with confidence, no matter what the rock type. The comfort and durability of Q-X make it ideally suited for training, indoor use and classic routes.