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Zenith is a unique high performance climbing rubber compound developed by Boreal. This compound provides outstanding friction and excellent hold on small edges.

Zenith rubber is a high performance rubber developed by Boreal. Zenith is designed for no-compromise performance, and features incredible friction properties combined with an ability to hold micro edges. This ultimate compound is featured on our highest performance rock shoe models. 


V2 Rand

The V2 Rand provides a 2-band tensioning system, ensuring a great fit for the heel and arch of the foot.

In most rock boots, the heel is tensioned with a basic single band of rubber, which simply pulls and compresses the heel cup. With the V2 Rand, Boreal have used 2 bands to tension a much larger area. By providing tension further towards the front, the shoe is pulled into the arch of the foot and the heel is more securely held. This eliminates any dead space, creating a precise and comfortable fit.

Ref. 11562 KINTARO

Boreal Kintaro is the key to unlocking your true potential. Featuring a downturned and highly asymmetric last shape combined with the outstandingly sticky Zenith™ rubber, Kintaro is the model of choice when the going gets steep.

Product Info
  • UPPERS: High quality split leather upper with secure double strap closure. Integrated neoprene padded tongue for comfort. Optimum heel fit from 2-way tension "V2 Rand"

  • LINING - No

    ​WEIGHT: ​485 grs./pair (size 6 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: Special anti-deformation midsole

  • SOLE: Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH outsole. 4-4.5mm thickness depending on size

  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-Lasted

  • USAGE: This precise and sensitive shoe is ideal for bouldering and steep/overhanging climbs. Easy to use closure and a glove like fit


  • Developed from the previous incarnation of our highly acclaimed Kintaro, the shoe has evolved into a true high-performance all-rounder. The all new last shape has been widened at the forefoot and narrowed at the heel. When combined with our high quality unlined split leather upper, padded neoprene tongue and double width strap closure, this results in a highly secure and comfortable fit. Our V2 Rand™, a 2-part rand that tensions a much larger area than conventional rands, provides the ultimate heel fit. 

  • The soft midsole and sublime Zenith™ rubber allows the use of marginal smears, while the high degree of downturn and asymmetry helps direct power to the big toe for those tiny edges. Kintaro is precise, sensitive shoe that still manages to remain comfortable. It is ideal for steeper rock, and will suit boulderers, sport and trad climbers looking to operate at higher grades.

BOREAL Kintaro | by Ollie Torr
Crimpington Bear
​BOREAL Athlete Ollie Torr showing us all the newly revamped Kintaro.

Filmed at a local Crag in Leicestershire, Ollie shows how the shows perform on steep slate boulders.