V2 Rand

In most rock boots, the heel is tensioned with a basic single band of rubber, which simply pulls and compresses the heel cup. With the V2 Rand, Boreal have used 2 bands to tension a much larger area. By providing tension further towards the front, the shoe is pulled into the arch of the foot and the heel is more securely held. This eliminates any dead space, creating a precise and comfortable fit.

Secure heel fit.

The V2 Rand is a 2-part system which tensions not only the heel, but also the arch of the shoe.
BOREAL Kintaro | by Ollie Torr
Crimpington Bear
​BOREAL Athlete Ollie Torr showing us all the newly revamped Kintaro.

Filmed at a local Crag in Leicestershire, Ollie shows how the shows perform on steep slate boulders.