Friction Skin

Traditionally, shoes designed with toe-hooking in mind have used thin sections of sheet rubber over the toes. While this increased friction, it was at the expense of reduced comfort and sensitivity. To address this issue, Boreal developed Friction Skin.

This coating comprises granules of our highly acclaimed Zenith rubber mixed with high quality glue. The coating is durable, flexible and thin, acting like a second skin and still allowing the shoe upper to mold around the contours of the toes. This results in superb toe-hooking ability without compromising the comfort and sensitivity of the shoe.

High friction coating.

The Friction Skin coating provides a durable yet supple layer over the toes to enhance toe hooking ability without compromising comfort.
BOREAL Mutant | by James McHaffie
BOREAL Outdoor
During the last trip to La Pedriza in Spain, James McHaffie tried ​the newest BOREAL style, called Mutant. Have a look!